Child ID



Child ID is a program made available to parents who wish to have a way of uniquely identifying their young children.  Specially trained Community Police Volunteers take the child’s finger print or foot print which are turned over to the parents to be kept in a safe place, (the RCMP do not keep a copy).  The Child ID program is offered periodically throughout the year and is provided free of charge.

Please note:  The consent of a parent/guardian is required before children can have their fingerprints taken.  This booklet is strictly for you and your child to have for emergency use.

Footprints or palm prints are usually taken of young children.  Fingerprints are taken when a child reaches about five years of age.  Although fingerprints never change throughout life, it is useful to repeat fingerprinting done on children under the age of seven because the prints become better defined with age.

Child ID recommends that school-age children be photographed annually and that children of pre-school age, particularly under two years of age, be photographed every six months.

After your child has been fingerprinted, be sure to fill in the personal information, medical history and attach a picture of your child.  Keep this booklet in a safe and convenient place for easy access.

For more information, please visit the Child Find BC website