Subpoena Program



The West Kelowna Community Policing Subpoena Assist Program is a critically important support unit to both the RCMP and Crown Council. The team cross references both incoming and outgoing subpoenas and summons on a bi-weekly basis, verifying file numbers as well as witness names and record this information.  Should a subpoena or summons be identified “For Personal Service”, the person is contacted and it can then be flagged and forwarded to RCMP Administration for further direct action. These are time sensitive documents and special attention must be paid to the Diary Date, which is the date when the Crown requires the subpoena to be served by.

In addition the team telephones all witnesses named, instructing them as to where and when they should pick up this paperwork.  Should there be unsuccessful attempts to contact these people or if the witnesses fail to pick up their subpoena or summons, it is pulled and forwarded to RCMP administration and/or the Duty Watch Commander for further action by an RCMP member. The Subpoena Assist team members keep Crown Council informed as to the current status of all subpoenas.

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