Website History

Dirk Rosendaal – Bio

The WKCP website was originally started by George MacDonald. George was a Mac user and used his skills to set up a basic information website listing the different programs and the contact person for the programs.

Dwayne McTavish, the former Crime Prevention Officer asked me to look at the site and see if there was a way to increase the WKCP on line. I agreed to look into it and reviewed other similar websites for ideas.

As my skills in website design and set up were limited I ask my son Graeme Rosendaal for help. Graeme was living in the Philippines at the time and worked for a company that provide online record keeping for medical service providers in Australian.

In order to present a comprehensive description of each of our programs volunteer help prepare and edit the information. Photo’s from around the community and on line were accumulated to be used on the website. Also, organizations like the RCMP, City of West Kelowna and Crime Stoppers had to be contacted for approval to use their logos on the site as a Supporting Organization.

A member’s only section was requested so volunteers could obtain all relevant notices, information etc. by going to one locate. This required additional security so that only authorized members could access the section.

It took several months to bring this all together and prepare the site for approval by the board before it went live online. Every member also had to be given and unique user name and password to access the Members Section.

After the site went live it had to be maintained on a regular basis to insure it was right up to date for both the volunteers and the public.

Graeme put the site together and as a result was asked to prepare websites for both Lake Country and Peachland Community Policing.